Is recording a call legal?

38 states, including New York & New Jersey, are considered “1-party” notification states, that means that at least 1 person (you) on the phone call knows the phone call is being recorded. The purpose of this is to avoid the 3rd party from spying on both people on the call unknowingly.

The other 12 states are “2-party” notification states (CA, CT, FL, HI, IL, MD, MS, MT, NV, NH, PA, WA), which means you would have to notify the person you call that the call is being recorded. When you enter the phone number to call, our system will even tell you if it is a state that requires you to tell the caller that it is being recorded!

Either way, it’s important to know that our service is not intended nor permitted to be used to spy or entrap anyone, so regardless we recommend simply telling the caller that the call is being recorded. In fact, notifying your caller that the phone call is being recorded will most likely keep them more honest.

Our system even gives you the option to automatically notify callers upon answering the call that the call is being recorded or play a beep in the background every 15 seconds during the call to signify that the call is being recorded

Who can use this service?

Anyone and everyone who makes phone calls can use FrozenVoice! Our clients include lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers, doctors, veterinarians, property managers, realtors, contractors, teachers, business professionals, and some folks use FrozenVoice just for personal use! At some point, you must have realized after a phone call that it would have been great if you had it recorded.

How can I record OUTGOING calls?

Simply call our phone number from any phone, and you will be asked to enter the phone number you want to call. It will immediately connect you and the recipient will see YOUR own Caller ID. After your done with the call, hang up. You will get an email with the recording of the entire call right away.

Can I use my existing phonebook on my phone to dial?

Yes! We have an app for Android and Iphones that you can use to dial directly from your existing contact list. Simply open the app, select the contact you want to call from your contact list, and click Call. It’s that easy!

How can I record INCOMING calls without changing my number or forwarding my calls?

You can record incoming calls also without changing your phone number and without forwarding your calls to our system! Simply add our phone number in on an existing call using the 3-way or conference calling feature on your phone. This will connect our system in on your existing call and will record the entire conversation. After the call ends, you will get an email with the recording of the entire call right away. Or use our app to automate this, simply open the app, and click Record, it’s that easy!

What if I only want to record a portion of the phone call?

If you don’t want to record the entire call and only want to record a portion of it, you can do this as well with the INCOMING call recording instructions.

How many phones can I call from?

There is no limit to how many phones you can call from. Feel free to call from as many phones as you want, your house phone, office phone, cell phone, as many as you have! We want to encourage you to use FrozenVoice from anywhere and everywhere you like! Your recordings are always stored all in one place in our portal regardless of where you call from.

How can I access my recordings?

Most of our clients use our service from multiple phones, and for your convenience, regardless of where you call from, all of your call’s recordings are saved in one place in our secure portal. Recordings can be downloaded and played online anytime on any computer or phone. You can also delete the recording or email it to anyone you want right from the portal.

Can I delete my recordings?

Yes! You can download, forward, or delete your recordings instantly right from our portal. For ultimate privacy, the recording and any associated internal backups are permanently and irrevocably deleted from our entire system immediately as soon as you click delete. We do not retain backups of deleted recordings.

Are my recordings saved if I cancel my account?

When you cancel your account, your recordings are permanently removed. You can download the recordings to your computer or forward them to your email to save them.

What phone number will the receiver see on their CalledID?

You can specify the phone number you want the receiver to see when you call them regardless of where you call them from. For example, you can call from your cell phone and choose to display your office phone number on the caller ID. This is all set in our Client Portal and can be changed anytime and takes effect immediately.

Will the receiver know the call is being recorded?

We do not notify the caller that the call is being recorded unless you want us to. It is your responsibility to notify the caller as needed in accordance with state laws as explained above. We make it easy for you by reminding you if the number you are calling requires you to notify them, and we also give you the option to have our system automatically notify them when the call is connected or play a beep in the background of the call to signify that the call is being recorded if you want.

Do I need any software, apps, or hardware?

No, no, and no! There is absolutely no software, no hardware, no special phones and no requirements at all. Just call our phone number from any phone from anywhere! For your convenience when you’re on the go, we have an app available for Android and Iphones, this is completely optional and can be used from any home/office/cell phone without the app.

Can I record memos or dictations?

Yes! You can also record memos or dictations without calling anyone, just call our phone number and start talking.

Are my recordings secure?

Our company’s background is in security for over 15 years. We take multiple precautions and security measures to ensure that your recordings are 100% safe and secure. Only you can access the recordings with your unique username/password. Our server is tested daily by a 3rd party security auditing company for maximum assurance. Our server is also certified PCI compliant and HIPAA compliant.

What is HIPAA compliance?

HIPAA compliance is a set of rules that anyone handling medical/patient information are required to follow. Any service or software used by anyone in the medical field must be HIPAA compliant.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Yes, our company follows strict privacy and security standards needed to be HIPAA compliant. You can also read our full HIPPA compliance statement and our Privacy Policy.

Why is HIPAA important to me if I’m not a doctor?

The medical field is one of the industries that are held to the highest standards for security and safety of data handling. Privacy, safety, and security is everyone’s top concern, so rest assured your data is safe with us.

Are my details kept private?

Privacy is one of our top concerns. All details (phone numbers, recordings, calls, transcriptions, logs, etc) are kept completely private and are only accessible by you.

Can specific recordings be transcribed?

Yes! You can request recordings to be transcribed in our portal. We offer different levels of transcription depending on the accuracy you require, from automated, to semi-automated, and even fully manual for the highest accuracy. Please contact our Sales department for more details.

What if I still need help or have questions?

Using our service is so easy, there’s no hardware, no software, and no apps. It’s as simple as making a regular phone call. But we are still here 24×7 to assist you with any questions or issues you have, we can even walk you through recording calls, using your phone’s phonebook, downloading recordings, etc. or any other questions you have. But we’re still here to help, simply Contact us any time and we’re here to help.